[HELP] Converting pk3DS Rom to CIA Problem

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    Apr 15, 2014
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    I am having a tough time being able to convert a rom modified from pk3DS to a CIA. So i decrypted the rom and opened it in pk3DS, did my things that i did, and then i repacked the rom with 3DS Builder and I got the rom back. I then made an ncchinfo.bin file that came with the 3ds to cia converter, and with decrypt9, it made a file just called "s". So, I tried Decrypt9's ncchgen.py and it made the ncchinfo.bin, and it made the xorpads through decrypt9, but when i tried to convert the rom to a cia, it didn't work and it gave me an error of "Required bins not found" or something like that. So, I tried another converter and it had 3 options of trying to convert a rom with xorpads, or a rom with decrypted files and xorpads, and just a decrypted rom, so I tried all 3 and all of them gave me a black screen with "An error has occured". So what am I doing wrong here? I'm absolutely sure that I did all the steps right, do I have to go back to 4.2 and then get xorpads? I've generated xorpads multiple times and they didn't work. If you can, please help. It would be greatly appreciated.