HELP! Burn isos on DVD-R

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  1. Exxon-08

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    Dec 15, 2008
    Hi, I've been searching all over the web about Homebrew and last night i finally got it up and running with v0.3 gamma. So I burned a couple of DVD+R disc's with a iso image to test it out. It went ok! Didn't do anything except the default settings in imgburn.

    So, today I brought a 25pk. w/ DVD-R's because someone on the web wrote that this discs was easier to burn because the DVD+R needed to set something to DVD-Rom, which i didn't quite figure out. Anyway, I tried to burn a ISO file 3 times. 2 times using the DVD-R with decrypted and undecrypted ISO. last time decrypt DVD+R. Only the DVD+Rs are working. What am I doing wrong? I really don't want to waste those DVD-Rs.

    Is there anything I need to install. I can provide with more spesific information if needed.

    EDIT: I have TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S202J

    I burned the ISO at 2,4x with Imgburn.

    The provider with the DVDs are TDK

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  2. Exxon-08

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    Dec 15, 2008
    Does noone have any information on this subject?
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    Aug 21, 2006
    So you burned the iso 3 times, for which you used 4 discs, of which you adapted the iso twice and twice tried the iso as an .iso file. What you are trying to say is:
    I burned the ISO three times:
    1. DVD+R (works, Decrypted)
    2. DVD-r encrypted
    3. DVD-r decrypted

    Naturally you also reply to your own thread to bump it up again after waiting a full: DAY! Wow, most don't last that long!

    Nice thing about your posts right now: Cudos for you at least partially describing your problem in your topic title and first post.
    == end annoyed person mode ==
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    Dec 15, 2008
    First off, try look this from my point of view. There a tons of cIOS out there and because of that, this community is based on people who know what their are doing + probably was in it from the start =! Hard for me to get where I am. Don't you think i was scared of bricking me wii? cuz, many tutorials out there and all of them are just as shitty described as the other one.

    On topic: I don't "/fucking/" understand why people advice to burn DVD-R's when in my point of is the most idiotic suggestion of all time. Next time, consider what your doing when u start flaming. U just like say that I've not done my research by asking for help in this community. But isn't that what this community is all about? If no one had problems with using soft mod, then why is the meaning with the community. And believe me, I've tried figure this out. My burner, type of format,
    ISO btw:
    "/ Can't find the specific ISO I used; (I try to look it up tomorrow)
    - It was a Spanish "ESP" version of Call of Duty: World at War at piratebay. This iso was scrubbed and the description was in Spanish.
    Pretty sure it had the name in [Wii] call of duty or something here [ESP][ a site ]

    - DVD-Rs are overall better to burn with although some may have problems with it: PAL versions for example.
    - DVD+Rs sometimes need to be set to DVD+ROM, but this ... blablalba

    The conclusion: Don't advice when there is still some unsure areas. I mean.... I just probably wasted 23 DVD-Rs out of the air. But hey? im not pissed off, nor like, why dont they at least try to clear up, being nice and try to help-.-,

    At least I gave a shoot at seeking help. To bad someone uses this situation to flame at newbies.

    good night [​IMG]

    EDIT: I've prepared some ISOs for tomorrow; In mean while can't people who have sucessful burned a ISO to DVD-R to either PAL or NSCT version write what settings they have used: Like Program, writing rate. issues they know off...

    Btw, my DVD-Rs are same brand as my DVD+Rs. TDK - if that makes sense. :S