Hacking Hello, 100% Noob, However I Wanted To Learn Modding Conduit 2, Where Do I Start?


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Oct 22, 2019
United States
Hello everyone, my name is Cmo, just wanted to ask on how would I get started with trying to learn how to mod different aspects of Conduit 2 for the Nintendo Wii so I and a few others could make the game a bit better in many regards.
So of the things I and a few others depending on what is being asked is the follow:

modify the Classic Controller Pro internal game settings (Things like deadzone, smoothing, A and Y sensitivity, ect) that are not available in the game itself to change.

Modify game assets and several bits of data and code to game in game properties (Ex: sniper damage, pistol accuracy, perk abilities, movement speed, ect)

And many more features. I just need to know where to get started as I've been doing some research and messing around with the extracted game files in dolphin for a bit and its insanely cool to look at and try to mess with, however lacking 95% of knowledge hampers any real progress, so, just need to know where to start and what to do.

Also extra info that might be useful. Conduit 2 uses a file format known as .gcs and also .gcm, similar to the first game however it also seems rather unique in ways because using the extractor for the first Conduit game is doesn't do anything but give an error, so any help is appreciated with this too if can be given.

Thank you for reading! :D

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