Hacking Heads up! R4 Wood Online Payment Scam


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Jan 31, 2018
United Kingdom
Upgraded 2 off R4 3DS to RTS versions, card works fine. Had a problem with the R4Wood website. First its not HTTPS which makes it very dodgy.

When buying what they do is display the price of cards in the currency (GBP) associated with the country of your IP address and in a drop down box that does not drop down.
The site displayed the cost as 12GBP. I frigged this by reentering the URL for the country wanted, in this case it changed to USD. I needed to do this because I had a USD prepaid credit card. So the order went through and payment was taken. My web page login showed the billing amount as 17.93USD.

When I looked at my USD card statement it showed that they had charged me 19.21USD with no currency conversion charge. I complained to sales@r4wood but the gave some BS about CNY and USD and said they charge in GBP.

OK! So I went ahead and used my GBP prepaid credit card expecting to be billed for 12GBP. Nope! When I looked at the credit card statement it said I had been billed for 19.56USD and the GBP cost was 14.34GBP which included a currency conversion charge of 0.49GBP. I paid in GBP and was charged for currency conversion. Not happy.

So I wrote to sales@r4wood and suggested that they should be pricing in USD regardless of where the order was originating from. They gave me some BS about CNY and USD problems and that they charged in GBP.

Now here's the problem. Its alright rubbing up Nintendo the wrong way such that the won't allow Wood to use PayPal but its altogether a different scale of we don't like you to rub up the Chinese online fraud police. Would a family member please explain to them that they are queering things up for everybody else that is selling online and taking card payments for R4 cards. The total cost should have been 24GBP but it ended up totalling around 29GBP.

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