HBC Channel installation thoughts..... 4.0 maybe

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by gisel213, Apr 28, 2009.

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    Okay I'm not Comex, Marcan or Waninkoko the main loader developer of cool things put it that way I'm just
    a user modder repair guy etc.... But I think installing HBC without zelda should be easy don't flame me this is
    just a thought....

    Alright I know you can't copy the hbc from sd to wii we would need wad manager, self-booting iso or zelda
    right..... Well on my wii I have softmii blah blah i was just messing around looking at comex video over and
    over and that mario spoof to install hbc that says this channel can't be copied to this wii and such... Well I
    went to channels and copied hbc to my sd card then deleted hbc from my wii then i went to channels and
    copied hbc from sd to wii and it put it back on with out using zelda again strange.... didn't think that would
    work and yes the hbc loaded up and the apps work hmm.....

    So I tried it on another wii 3.3 and another 3.2 it says the same thing the mario spoof says this channel
    cant be copied to this wii or started etc... okay this is what I am getting at this seems similar to what comex
    may be doing a channel exploit the channel wont install because the keys and information other wiis don't
    match the keys and information from the installed channel on my wii makes sense i guess.... Well on another
    thread here on gbatemp somebody made somthing about extracting saves and getting keys and information

    Here's my idea on a 4.0 wii or any system start a game make a save copy the save to an sd card extract
    it get keys and information replace the keys and info in the hbc channel from sd card with one's for the
    4.0 system if that works it should match shouldnt it and let you copy it as a channel from the sd card to the wii
    with out zelda hmm if it works that would be nice someone could probaly make a program that asks you for
    a save file to extract from then let you browse for the content bin from sd card the automatically inject overwrite
    keys and info with the correct ones........... just a thought though this came to my mind when i bought a mario 1
    nes vc from shop channel and noticed ti cant be copied to another wii the about comex xploit something
    about keys and info have to match for it to work..........

    Give Me some feedback no flaming 4.0 is tormenting people as we speak thanks..................
  2. beegee7730

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    Mar 31, 2009
    Good idea, but I think the keys are encrypted.
  3. gisel213

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    Aug 2, 2007
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    That is correct well let's see if anyone can figure it out team twiizers had to break it somehow to get the same
    zelda hbc installer to work till the big N blocked that particular save not the installer so whatever hole was in
    that game to let that install must have something to do with breaking that encryption thanx for reply let's what
    comex does................