Have any of you ever had this problem? D2CKey works, then stops workin

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    Jan 29, 2008
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    Have any of you guys with D2CKey's NTSU ever had this problem? The day after I got my Wii from the guy that was modding my Wii, I was playing Super Mario Galaxy and got a disc error and the game wouldn't eject or wouldn't let me insert disc (If I luckily get the disc out and insert it again, it would say disc read error.). I've had this problem many times and I usually always take it to the guy that mods my Wii to fix. When that happened, I disconnected the Wii and took out the battery and left it standing there for a whole day... The day after I was getting ready to take my Wii to the modder and noticed I forgot to put the battery back in so after I put it back in (Left it in there for about 4 hours before giving it to him), I gave it to him. 30 minutes after, he called me and said nothing was wrong with it and it was working flawlessly... he didn't even touch it. That makes me wonder and makes me think it's the little battery that I took out and left out for a really long time. Maybe it was because the Wii didn't have any power going through it for a very long time and the modchip resetted?

    Anyone know what's up?

    Anyone know why my Wii's always having this problem?

    I thought it was the install that was messed up but it's not because he installed with wires, and the flexPCB. After having this problem come up so many times I thought it was a defective modchip and got a new one a week ago and installed on my Wii and it happened again.

    If anyone know how to do this battery removal trick thing and can help me out, it'd be much easier then giving it to the modder everytime it breaks and do it myself.