harvest moon tree of tranquility Ocarina Codes

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    May 31, 2009
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    ok i got harvest moon tree of tranquility (non legit) and i want some cheats for it i can get ocarina cheats to work with most of my games such as re4, ZTP, and re uc, sorry for the poor abbreviations well i got some codes for harvest moon from gamefaqs and people say they work with the american version which i have but i cant seem to get them to work this what i have straight from the wii cheat code manager text file i saved....

    Harvest Moon Tree Of Tranquility

    * 04473DFC 0098967F

    Stop/Start Time by pressing 2
    * 283ADB6A 00000100
    * CC000000 00000000
    * 0447F06C 00000000
    * E0000000 80008000
    When activated time is stopped. Press 2 on your WiiMote and time
    goes by. Press 2 again and time stops at actual position.

    Max hearts for all people
    * 08473E94 0000FFFF
    * 20300078 00000000

    Max hearts for all animals [OnkelLes]
    * 084757E4 0000FFFF
    * 20170078 00000000

    Inf. Stamina
    * 04473E18 02E402E4

    pet food 999
    * 04473E20 03E703E7

    wood etc.999
    * 04473E24 03E703E7

    max rucksack30
    * 0447F070 001E001E

    i just want money thats it i dont care about the rest of that stuff im using wiigators .3 backup channel not from homebrew channel but the channel itself if that matters..... so if someone has some ideas im getting sick of testing these codes on that game cuz the loading screens hahahaaha....
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