Hardmod gone wrong

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    So I just finished my hardmod to downgrade my 3ds xl to 9.2 Everything worked great except when I was finished I wired it all up to a clean female micro usb connector and set it up too be plugged in from the back of the case. In an attempt to force a blue screen (by connecting it to something) and verify it was all connected correctly I foolishly connected the usb to a USB Wall charger... Now all I get is blue screens and I believe I most likely fried the nand with the 5v. Any idea if this could be fixed? Kinda bummed now lol

    NOTE: I did happen to make several backups of my nand while downgrading

    It also wont show up as a disk anymore either so it doesn't seem like I can rewrite a backup

    Error Code is 00F800FE - http://en-americas-support.nintendo...532/~/error-message:-boot-rom-8046---00f800fe

    Looks like it actually is fried. Guess I have to toss it :c
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    There's been recommendations to keep the vcc pin on a micro usb port unused, saves the chip from frying when connected to computer or charger. If you got insane soldering skills you could attempt to replace that chip.
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    Sorry but you fried your NAND chip. Your only option now is to replace the 3DS. This is exactly why people should not be installing micro SD ports on the 3DS. You should install a port like this instead:


    This way you can only connect it to the SD card adapter, and can't connect it to a USB port or charger.