Happy Birthday!!

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    Jan 27, 2009
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    To all of the following people:-
    CrazySP(18), xxnoelziexx(28), Kossan(28), fugazi(36), xcvmvcx(35), duhvina(27), FireEmblemGuy(19), fightmethen(26), chrisdavis2573(37), Daku93(17), Cema, bagszi(22), Jesus Christ(18), tueidj(99), Windfy(1), siick(100), ten_yr_bazooka(25), rogerwang(17), Gale(21), maRk2512(38), Tsukyndale(100), StatikBlue(34), aolujumu(27), MeritsAlone(15)

    Wow siick & Tsukyndale, your age is really siiiccck, surprised you lived that long, and Windfy, how the hell did you even sign up for GBAtemp account when you're just 1?? tueidj, you're one year away from a 100, grats.

    Enjoy your birthdays while they last!! Wish for something nice! Like a peaceful world or something along that line!

    Now most of you might be wondering "why does he care?", yeah yeah, long story short, there needs to be something different on GBAtemp forums. Maybe this has already been done, but w/e.

    Bless you all, especially Windfy, who can surf the net, make an account and all at a tender age of 1.