HANS and emulation.

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    Hello guys!I recently download mGBA emulator for my N3DS (Wich in my oppinion is VERY good!) and was really amazed by how well the emulated games ran, almost 60fps most runing on 54-57 on my N3DS, but as the new 2.5 hax came out with this new feature HANS, I couldn't help but to wonder if it was possible to somehow give the emulators a little boost with HANS; Also, are the emulators are currently at their fastest emulated speed? What would it be necessary to use HANS on the emulators such as mGBA?

    I would really like to know more about this topic!

    Sorry if I confuse you guys with my questions, I do not really know about all this, but I'd really like to learn!

    I would appreaciate a kind response, Thank you!
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    No hans would make no difference as the emulators are already programmed to run at full clock speed on new 3ds.