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  1. deakphreak

    OP deakphreak Spiffy Hacks

    Apr 21, 2009
    United States
    So I had played Borderlands 2 with my buddy quite a bit and got a good set of skills, money etc. I was happy to see you could use your old 360 save on the Xbox one version. I tried copying my save via the dash to the cloud, but it would not work. I realized that you had to do it in-game, but no longer had the game. I searched around and saw that it was available online for $5 via the Black Friday sale, so I snagged that up to get my save copied over.

    If anyone else happens to be in the same boat, now is a great time to get a cheap digital copy so you can copy your old save over.

    At first I was upset that we couldn't just copy it via the cloud, but then realized you need Gold to copy stuff to the cloud and my wife does not since we don't need 2 gold accounts on the same box. Since they did it direct through the game, I was able to also copy her save over too.
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