1. Rick Astley

    OP Rick Astley The real one !

    Apr 1, 2015
    Hi !

    I've creating this thread because i'd like to find a solution once for all at my problem : I'm a huge fan of Pokemon Rumble and the fact that we can Shiny Hunt on it (... Why this is not a thing on Rumble World really ?) but i'm starting to have a huge collection and so i'm fearing to have always the same Shiny because i'm focusig on 1st gen Pokemon.

    So i'd like to find a solution and being able to hunt more. For THIS i've two solution :

    - The most dififcult but the most effective for me : Finding a way to edit all the Pokemon present in a place for every level mode. This way I could delete Pokemon I already have and stay with some rarity in order to hunt correctly.

    - Save Editing : This way I just should put the Shiny I want to edit as my main pokemon, opening a hex editor and editing as I want. Problem, no way to find the adress. I've tried with 2 saves (one + one at the same time but I bought a pokemon that I coudl edit) nothing revelent.

    I'm asking that because i've dit a 40k Shiny Hunt in order to find my 4th Shiny Alakazam. Quite boring.

    Thanks o/
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