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    Ok so I just ordered a ds two to use with my 3ds firmware 4.4.0-10 and was just wondering is it worth updating my 3ds to the latest firmware so I can use the eshop? Or is it recommended that I stay on this firmware cause I need to in order for the apparent hack that is in the works to run successfully? I really want to get some games from the eshop but there's no way I will do that if there's a chance it will upset my chances of ever playing home brew on my 3ds...
    Thx in advance to anyone with advice
  2. Pong20302000

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    where did you order from? some shops pre update the DSTwo, if they have applied the 4.5.0-10 update then you should be fine to update to 5.1.0-11 as no Firmware update has been needed since then, only the EOS Kernel Files

    Kernel update = copy and paste the files on the SD card update
    Firmware update = a nds update file you have to run
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