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Hacking Diablo® II: Resurrected™TID: 0100726014352000 version 1.0.02


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Jan 10, 2019
United States
This is the steps I took, observation and theory about what I observed on hacking money and XP
Make a save backup first before you hack. If anything went wrong your game may be no longer playable.

What I did is on 1.0.02. I think most likely it is the same for all versions.
This game is quite unique in how it uses memory.

To hack money. Search for it with u32. Do the usual search for money, spend or earn then search again.
You will end up with 5 candidates.
Now you can hacked the memory. One thing that needs to be observed strictly, you have to hack all 5 to the same value or you get strange behavior.
There is a short cut for edizon se to hack them at one go. Hold R and Lsitck_right. You will be prompted to enter the value.
Depending on the level of the character there is a money cap. Do not exceed this or you will have strange behavior and perhaps a unplayable game.
At the start the cap is 10000, at some point it is 150000 ( I don't know at what level it change or if it is every level up you get to hold more money ).
Hack money and don't exceed the cap and enjoy more money.

Level up your character at least one time. Do not use up the upgrade points. ( I read about the need to have some upgrade point left and I did when I do the hack so I would advise you to have some upgrade point left. Without leveling up you character at least once is confirm to not work by me)
The rest is simple search and hack like for money. You will find 6 candidates. Hack them all at once and profit.

My theory:
It is just a theory but here it goes.
Most game have one source memory address. The value at this address is fetch for the various purpose and the intermediate values when hacked has no effect to the game. It is not true for this game. The various memory address has some dependency and when they are not in sync all hell can break loose.
To make things even more complicated the memory address changes not the usual way. For most game when the value is 0 you see those memory have zero but it is not the case with this game. When your money is zero those memory are use for something else so hacking them will mess up your game.
Same with having exceeded the cap for money. I highly suspect when it happens the memory address shift and you end up hacking the wrong thing and hence the suffering.
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