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    Nov 25, 2020
    United States
    So I bought a PSP Go on eBay a couple days ago and it worked perfectly. It came with a couple games and emulators and everything was running smoothly. One day when I woke it from sleep mode it was frozen and it wouldn't budge. After a hard reset it would boot up to a black screen. After looking online I found the reset combination (start+select+square+triangle) and it worked, but my console would freeze on the game icons. I've tried formatting the console and that didn't help either. If I actually even get close to booting a game it freezes as soon as the screen turns white. Music tracks also wont start. If I try to start one it will go into the player and the song wont start and I cant exit out of the song either. It stays permanently stuck trying to play the song as long as the console is on. The console is in 6.61PRO-Cinfinity firmware. The console also rarely boots up even with the above mentioned combination. It boots up about once every 10 tries. I know the console is dated and there probably isn't much help out there, but it is one of my favorites and would like to keep it running.
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