Guitar Hero 5, wont go past Loading screen

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by pogolink, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. pogolink

    pogolink Member

    Jan 20, 2011
    United States
    Hi, i have the following problem, i cant play guitar hero 5, (tho i can and have GHIII and GHMetallica)
    I installed cIOS d2x yesterday, and i dont get black screen anymore, but it gets stuck as you can see in the following video. CLICK HERE

    SO before it just got stuck and had to Turn off my wii the HARDWAY D: press power until it powers off
    Now at least it could get past there, cuz i can press the home button and i see it on screen

    then i found this "Use cIOS Hermes 224 v. 65535 - IOS Base 57 o cIOS D2X con IOS 57 base."

    So i used the installer of d2x and installed the v8-final ones on the following slots

    Slot 245 base IOS38.
    Slot 246 base IOS56.
    Slot 247 base IOS57.
    Slot 248 base IOS58.
    Tho im not sure if i have to change the IOS on the loader or the game? USBLOADER GX runs on 249, and game as seen on the video 222, or 223.. same problem tho' (tried other loaders, wiiflow, cfg)

    THEN i found a video (its spanish)
    But said to install wad IOS 56

    then cIOS Installer de Hermes.

    choose IOS 250.

    choose cIOS 222 --> 38 merged with 37,
    & cIOS 223 --> 38 merged with 37
    and go to usbloader Gx and select GH5 go to preference and choose IOS 222
    But the same problem.

    and found also this

    "All Guitar Hero Games - Use IOS 223 v4 [Base 37 + 38]
    --- OR cIOS Rev 19 + [Base 56]"
    but if its for all games, why i can play other guitar heros but the 5?
    im lost right now, hope its the rigth forum , and that someone can help me out
  2. Disorarara

    Disorarara GBAtemp Fan

    Sep 12, 2012
    Did you try loading it with slot 246?
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