[GUIDE] Android offline exploit for WiFi-only tablets

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    The other Android-apps for utilizing the offline-exploit have never worked on my WiFi-only-tablet. My 3DS didn't work with the native Android hotspot-option. So I looked around and around to see if any app is out there which utilizes a non-native method for creating a hotspot. The rest was cake. Fire up a http server and use the 3DS to connect to your tablet.

    I have tested this on my Nexus 7 (2013) WiFi with CM11.

    What you need:
    -Root access
    -kWS - Android Web Server
    -WiFi Tether Router (a bird chirped me a song ...)

    1. First you open up WiFi Tether Router and configure a network name, the encryption and set up a password. The rest can stay on auto.
    2. Check "Auto Disconnect WiFi When start Tethering" in the same menu
    3. If something regarding the hotspot doesn't work feel free to mess with the options.
    4. Leave the configuration menu and start the hotspot
    5. Delete other WiFi-connections in your 3DS-menu
    6. Connect to hotspot. Internet connection will of course fail and that's perfectly fine.
    7. Grab the static html and copy it to your tablet. Best create a "gw"-folder within the /sdcard/-folder
    8. Now start the kWS - Android Web Server - app and go in the settings
    9. Choose "home direction" and enter e.g. /sdcard/gw
    10. Leave the other options alone. Mess with them if you think you need to.
    11. Start the server and look at "[kw] Host {xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx} Port {yyyy}"
    12. Start the 3DS web-browser and navigate to http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:yyyy
    13. Hold the L-button if you want to open the Gateway-menu or don't if you want to boot to EmuNAND directly


    Why should you do that?
    1. No internet access for SysNAND = no update for your device, unless you're so stupid to launch a game with >FW9.3 in SysNAND-mode. Such a game shouldn't exist yet, but may in the future.
    2. Portable access to the Gateway-exploit. Play wherever you don't have WiFi-access available.

    Yes, you have to boot up your tablet everytime you want to launch EmuNAND, but I honestly think its worth it.
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    I didn't need this on my Archos Gamepad, it just worked. I used the Android app from the marketplace, not sure which one but I didn't need to do anything other than what the app instructed. The tablet has no sim card feature only wifi, thought I'd pass this along that some tablets may work without any of the above.
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    Of course some do. But at least mine never did. So I had to install this special Hotspot/Tether-app which bypasses the system's own one.
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    EDIT: Nevermind, this was linked on the Go! Gateway post, I thought it was the same thing. Too frustrated to think straight because the actual Gateway site won't work.