Great, cheap xmas gift for girls

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    I just came across QUITE A DEAL, so I figured I would share it with GBAtemp. Maybe some of you are struggling to find Christmas gifts for a girl in your life.

    Well, at Toys R Us, there is a deal going on for PINK OUIJI BOARDS!
    " Product Description
    It has always been mysterious. It has always been mystifying. And now the OUIJA Board is just for you, girl. With 72 fun questions included, you'll never run out of things to ask. Who will call/text me next? Will I be a famous actor someday? Who wishes they could trade places with me? Gather your friends around, draw a card, place your fingers on the planchette and ask your question. Concentrate very hard and watch as the answer is revealed in the message window. Make up your own questions, and let the OUIJA Board satisfy your curiosity in virtually endless ways. OUIJA Board will answer. It’s just a game - or is it? Includes OUIJA Board, message indicator (planchette), card deck with 72 questions, carrying case with storage pockets and instructions."
    Communicating with dead spirits is FUN!
    Copyright Hasbro 2008 [​IMG]

    Ooh, so pretty.
    Ask the spirits of the damned with your beautiful PINK PLANCHETTE!
    Hey hey, if you're going to communicate with those no longer living, you can at least do it in style!

    They're on sale! Reduced from 19.99 to 14.99!

    P.S. This was circled in my 4 year old sister's Toys R Us "Big Book of Toys".