Grab NNID pass from a 3ds system

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    (I hope this is a suitable section to post this question in)

    So, my issue is that I have completely forgotten my NNID password, and the email I used for it has the exact same password as the NNID. I assumed all hope was lost, until I found an option in 3ds System Settings' NNID Settings: "Would you like the system to remember your password?" and it was set to ON. Does this mean that the NNID pass is stored somewhere on the system, and could be retrieved? My 3ds is fully hacked with Luma3ds using b9s and I have the Godmode9 payload. Is this possible?

    P.S. I also have a Wii U using the same NNID, so if a 3ds extract isn't possible, maybe a Wii U one is?
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    I'm assuming you forgot your NNID (email), NN Password, and your email password? If so, why don't you reset your email's password, and send a password reset request to it from Nintendo?
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    If you're having trouble remembering your password used why not just visit the Nintendo Network Temporary Password page. Enter the email you linked to your ID, and Nintendo will send a temporary password.

    After you sign in using the temporary password, change your password to something more permanent.

    Problem solved.

    Or you can just email nintendo or phone them to get it reset.
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