good symbian resources??

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones and Media Players' started by blainy, Dec 23, 2010.

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    ok, so im just got my hands on a nokia e71 (symbian s60v3) and am looking for good resources for finding out about software (reviews for free and paid) and also places i can download free symbian softwares.

    also, if you can recommend me any good games, apps, or utilities, that would be awesome too. im currently trying to find a good file browser, a good ebook reader, and also a .cbr/.cbz comic book reader (though i havent found anything relating to comics for s60 3rd, just s60 5th.) i guess with the comic book reader, i am open to suggestions for possible workarounds through image viewers or something, as i am aware the comic archives can be extracted to images.
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    I use the default image viewer in Symbian^3 (Symbian 9.5).
    An alternate file browser would be XPlorer, which i used to use on my Symbian^1 (Symbian 9.4) device (Nokia 5800XM)

    I do not use my smartphone as an ebook reader but you can just grab PDF Reader from Quickoffice to read pdfs.

    EDIT: Just letting you know, but .cbr are just rar files and .cbz are just zip files. Rename the extensions and you should be able to extract the images fine. [​IMG]