godmode9 launch problem (black screen on bottom)

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  1. Digitalium

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    Apr 21, 2019
    hi im kind of a newbie when it comes to this so ill try to explain myself as best as possible
    i got 2 n3ds xls and i decided to install custom firmware on them (i got both of them a new microsd card 32gb)
    i am using the 3ds.hacks.guide site as my guide to do this
    both are on firmware using steelminer
    i got the first one done no problems whatsoever and all is good with that one
    on the second one i got most of it done but when i got to the godmode part i launch it and the top screen shows the godmode logo but bottom screen is black
    i dont get any prompt and when i try to press to home button to load the menu nothing happens
    as i am quite a new at this im asking here before i do anything crazy and maybe brick the device
    i could really use some help because device launches completly normal besides that but when i try to launch godmode it does but the bottom screen is black and nothing ever happens with it
    i tried a cold and warm start and no changes
    so im stuck at that part of the guide and really need help so i can finish it
    please keep in mind i have never done this before today so i dont understand much of the technical terms
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