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    Hello! I'm fairly new to the DS flashcart scene, and I have several questions to ask. I got an R4 around the beginning of January last year, and now I would like to upgrade to something better.

    What is the best DS slot-1 card right now? I've heard CycloDS around, but I'm honestly not sure. What makes this one the best? I'd like to try and play online with certain games as well, will this work with any slot-1 cards?

    If I did a simple drag-and-drop from most of my DS games and their save files from my SD card now (in an R4) to the new card would they function normally, or would I have to make new save files for each one? Also, I use my R4 for emulating SNES, GB, and other things. Could I just transfer the .nds and .sav files over, or would I have to start over with these emulators?

    On a final note, how would I got about emulating GBA games? I know I need some sort of slot-2 device, but I'm not sure what to get and which would be best. What exactly does this do anyway? And where would I buy these anyways? I've seen DealExtreme but there are so many different carts to choose from. I get lost easily.

    Any help is appreciated!
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    Well people do love CycloDS. But check reviews of different flashcards to find what works best for you.

    Yes you can copy your files to your new fc, but better thing to do is use the same microsd. For saves, you need to convert to the proper format. R4 has .sav file, others have their own format, etc. But you can keep your sav progress.

    For GBA, you should get ezflash 3in1(slot 2). Or get M3 Perfect bundle.

    hope this helps [​IMG]
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    Here we go [​IMG]

    - The best cart, overall, would be CycloDS, because of the great support from developers, very active forums (they interact with customers, listen to advice and suggestions), very frequent updates (not just compatibility list, but new features too), Real Time Save (allows you to save anywhere anytime in the game), Real Time Guide (allows you to open Cyclos In-Game Menu, and read text file while you have game running, this way you can easy read guides while you play game), nice clean simple GUI and very touch responsive.....and some more stuff..
    Almost (if not all) all carts allows you to play on-line via Wi-Fi..

    - CycloDS is save compatible with R4, and so are most of the flashcarts, but if you get a cart with different save system, there are save converters that will convert your R4 saves in needed format..So there's no fear about that..

    - In short, everything that was working on your R4 will work on CycloDS as well..

    - For emulating GBA games, you'll need slot 2 memory expansion.....If you decide to buy CycloDS, the best expansion would be EZ Flash 3-in-1..They cost around $20..
    Also, if you're planning on playing GBA games a lot, you might want to consider M3 Real (Perfect Bundle, comes with two slot 2 expansion carts, Rumble and GBA Expansion)..Because M3 Real has the best GBA compatibility and if you're using official M3 GBA expansion with M3 Real, you get extra features like cheats and Real Time Save for GBA games..

    I hope I helped a bit..