Getting a new flashcart. Which one should I get?

Discussion in 'NDS - Console and Game Discussions' started by Jaems, May 4, 2011.

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  1. Jaems

    Jaems GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Aug 21, 2007
    United States
    I used to have an M3 Real, which I loved to death and used nearly everyday.
    But my girlfriend's birthday came around the bend, and as a last-minute gift, I gave her my M3 Real and a DS.

    For the past year I haven't played any DS, cuz I've been busy with school and shit.
    But I wanna get another flashcart to catch up with games I never beat.

    I'm looking for something with high compatibility for newer games, nice UI, and relatively cheap.
    I have a DS Lite, btw.
  2. RupeeClock

    RupeeClock Colors 3D Snivy!

    May 15, 2008
    Acekard 2i will probably suit you well.
    AKAIO firmware 1.8.6a is highly compatible, it has a nice UI and there are plenty of skins for it on or
    It's affordable at around $16-20 for the unit itself, depending where you shop.

    Although there's the cheaper Acekard 2.1 available, which as far as you're concerned work just fine on a DS Lite, the 2i comes pre-flashed to work on DSi and 3DS these days and are of a better build quality than they used to be.
  3. ShadowFyre

    ShadowFyre GBAtemp Fan

    Sep 29, 2010
    United States
    San Diego
    Mm Wood R4 will get the job done just fine. Cheaper than acekard, and constantly updated (Well. Updates are gonna slow down due to the lack of good games the DS will get in the future) by YWG.
  4. Vulpes Abnocto

    Vulpes Abnocto Drinks, Knows Things

    Former Staff
    Jun 24, 2008
    United States
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