Gecko OS no longer working (Along with some other things)

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Black_Knight, Mar 18, 2011.

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    Well I've been doing a lot of updates and what not so I'm sure stuff has been overlapping and causing a general mess.

    I can access my homebrew channel, but several of my programs just send me to a black screen where I have to do a hard reset to get out of. or I get "Exception (DIS) Occurred!" and then lines of code with programs like Gecko OS, and Save game Manager (Or anything Waninkoko coded). Is there an IOS I need to install to get them to work again?

    I'm currently on ios 56 (rev 6176)

    Analysis of IOS250 (rev 65535) finds that

    Trucha bug, flash access, boot2 and Usb 2.0 IOS tree is disable.

    As for the Trucha bug, I've given up enabling it since it sent me into a circular motion of "You need program B to activate Program A" and when I try to active program B, it says 'You need program A to active program B' I gave up after 3 hours of going through the motions.

    So anything I can do, or should I just delete my Homebrew channel and start from scratch?
  2. Hells Guardian

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    It's most likely a problem with your IOS's. just use modmii to update them.

    Oh and reinstall the HBC after you update your IOS.
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    I guess the system menu update did overwrite IOS249 with a stub or you did manage to corrupt it somehow. Just use IOS250 to install a cIOS like cIOS56rev21.