Gearbox: No Borderlands 3, Two New IPs Instead

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Gahars, Feb 17, 2014.

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    Gearbox is a company that's been fraught with controversy over the last years or so. Randy Pitchford insulting those who didn't like Duke Nukem Forever certainly didn't help matters. Then there was the debacle of Alien: Colonial Marines botched release and deceptive marketing, of course, and many Homeworld fans weren't happy when they acquired the rights to the franchise.

    Still, throughout all the hooplah, the Borderlands franchise has been a consistent moneymaker for the developer. It might make sense to assume that the company has another one in the works, right?


    The article also contains a swipe at Valve for their handling of Half Life 3, because a company that released constantly delayed games like Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines in broken, unfinished states is clearly qualified to make that criticism. You know, clearly.

    As you can probably imagine, I'm not the biggest fan of Gearbox. Brothers In Arms was fine, but they haven't made one of those games in years, and by the sounds of the article, Brothers In Arms: Furious Four has morphed into something else entirely. I can't stand Borderlands, and the less said about Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines, the better. Still, I don't think they're entirely incapable of producing decent content, and the industry could always use new IPs. Let's just hope they don't have to steal the money from Sega this time around.

    For those still looking to get their epic maymay Borderlands fix, you can look forward to Telltale's Tales of the Borderlands, which will be released... eventually, I guess.
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  2. Flame

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    people needs to stop trying to make Borderlands 3 happen...

    its not going to happen.
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    I like Borderlands 1&2 and to this day still play it every once and while. It is easily the best title Gearbox has ever released. But with them coming out and saying they don't have time to make a 3rd one? Good idea Randy.... Take a game that is actually making you guys a lot of money and say "nah we don't really have time for that."

    R.I.P. Borderlands thanks for the good times.
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    Well borderlands 2 was pretty much first one with some issues fixed and new characters and world. Third one just wouldn't work. Same was with Dead Island.
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    I suck. I have no idea how I clicked on the wrong reply button on the front page.
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    I forgot
    It's not like they're killing the franchise off for good, they just aren't making one right this very second. Gearbox isn't stupid, they're just exploring their other franchises like any game dev would. Also, their Brothers in Arms franchise has made them a ton of money (probably more-so than Borderlands) not only with just the games, but with their comic book spin offs, a novel, some sort of history book, action figures, a TV documentary, and more.

    Which is fine with me, I'd like to see their new stuff and I'd rather they didn't rush Borderlands 3 anyways. Furious Four seems to have a good premise and we already know Gearbox can make a good 4-person co-op game, so it'll be interesting to see where it goes.
  7. shakirmoledina

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    maybe just maybe, we might see the borderlands 3 confirmed meme start right now
  8. Guild McCommunist

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    Borderlands 2 already felt very disappointing to me so no bad feelings here.

    Can't say I'm stoked though, Gearbox strikes me as quite lazy, especially with Aliens. And their talent feels to be wildly fluctuating. Basically their name holds no clout for me.
  9. Ergo

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    No BL3? A bad business decision by Gearbox? Inconceivable!
  10. Obveron

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    Jul 5, 2010
    People seem to be reading between the lines here. Look at what Gearbox actually said. They aren't working on a Borderlands 3. That's present tense. IE RIGHT NOW.
    You'd be crazy to think they will never, ever release a Borderlands 3. They are busy with other projects right now. Borderlands is a huge IP for Gearbox, you can bet there will be work done on a sequel eventually.
  11. Sakitoshi

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    May 8, 2012
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    but there is a Borderlands game coming out from the hands of Telltale games: Tales from the Borderlands
    Gearbox don't want to release Borderlands 3 because they need all of the people working on it to assure a quality title and right now they are doing many projects, plus they are just releasing the 2nd season of DLC. and while I found the headhunter packs good, I don't think that is a very good idea, they are starting to milk to much with DLC and people will start to get tired of it.
  12. chartube12

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    Except they have officially said recently riptide isn't dead island 2. It was meant as a way to kill off the characters because they didn't know what to do with them. And a real second one will be out in the future. One with characters we will really care about and have real personalities.

    EDIT The last head hunter pack gearbox announced IS THE LAST DLC 4 Borderlands 2. So borderlands 2 gameover!
  13. Joe88

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    Jan 6, 2008
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    you know they will just keep making dlc
    next month will be st patricks day themed, then easter, independence day, probably fathers and mothers day too
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  14. XrosBlader821

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    I haven't picked up borderland 2 yet and I think when I do I will spent enough time with it until BL3 gets announced.
  15. Gahars

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  16. BORTZ

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    I kinda found it the same way, but can I ask if you had a dedicated troop of other players to enjoy the game with?
  17. codezer0

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    And I thought that Gearbox was going to focus on getting a proper Duke Nukem game out after finally finishing 3DRealms' work for DNF?

    So much for that. :(
  18. Taleweaver

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    Dec 23, 2009
    Guys, guys, GUYS!!!

    ...TWO NEW IP'S!!! :hrth:

    Christ...why is this a discussion on borderlands? It's as if it's bad news if a gaming company wants to make a new game. :unsure:
  19. codezer0

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    Jul 14, 2009
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    Some people just really like borderlands, and grind it like they would an MMO. Thus, it's like a sense of entitlement, expecting new content or something. :(
  20. DSGamer64

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    Uhh Borderlands 2 came out little over a year ago, why would they start another one when they are doing so well with the current game? Also, a new game for next generation means a new engine needs to exist for them to make it, right now that isn't the case. The Unreal Engine 4 is currently in vaporware status as far as I can tell and I would assume that is what they want for another Borderlands game. And they are about to release their final content expansion for Borderlands 2, they have supported the game better and longer then any other developer has with a game after release and I hoped they wouldn't attempt to make Borderlands into an annual release franchise in order to milk the cash cow some more, thankfully my fears have been put to rest. I am sure there are concept ideas floating around in the offices but I am fine with them doing something else and coming back to Borderlands with a new outlook on how to make the series better.

    And some of us don't want to see a rushed out rehash done so soon. I am sure you all can wait until 2015 or so. I honestly can't even be bothered to play the game anymore and level all the characters, there was just something about the initial story that bored me after playing it through 3 times on one difficulty. I had no problems with the first game doing that though. I still feel like Zero as a melee class is the most underpowered and worst class for soloing higher difficulty content to be honest, which is why I don't play much any more. The other characters are all pretty good though.