GBM and M3 Perfect SD - Cheat not working.

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    I have a Gameboy micro with a M3 Perfect SD version. I cannot get the cheat files to work with any of the games I have tried. I got my cheat files from cheats.gbatemp download section. I unzipped all roms before loading them with the M3 game manager. I have tried v34/35 and 36 firmware on the M3. Fat32 and Fat16 formated card. Hardware 1,2 and software patching.

    When the game loads I first get the M3 menu with selection of cheats for the game. I select Enable cheats (first options always) and then chose one or 2 cheats from the menu and then press start. The game rom loads as expected. I then go to a part of the game to check if the cheat works.. No effect found as expected from the cheat, eg Cheat:Funds do not decrease, Action:spend funds and they decrease...

    Roms I have tried
    1636 Pokemon Fire Red with 1636.cht
    1637 Pokemon Leaf Green with 1637.cht
    1691 Pokemon Leaf Green with 1691.cht
    1695 Pokemon Fire Red with 1695.cht

    I don't know what else to try.

    Real time save and load works fine so patching is ok.

    Desperately seek some help on this. I have tried everything I can think of.
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    You could try to directly patch the rom with the cheat file.