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    GBAtemp E3 presentation writeups 2012- Sony​

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A write up from GBAtemp of the E3 2012 presentation from Sony. Sony had a presentation we think but even though we took notes this could be difficult to recall much of great interest. As best we could see they did not even have the excuse of making it “for the shareholders” either. Choice quote of the presentation “dedicated motion gaming enthusiast”.[/p]

    The hardware and extra features

    Playstation suite which was announced last year with the intention of taking Playstation to android (it went the other way and brought android games to the Vita) looks like it is being reaffirmed as an effort to get things on mobile phones with the branding now being “playstation certified”. Among the playstation certified devices (which include mobile phones) it should be noted they appear to be partnering with HTC.

    Assassin's Creed 3 has a vita bundle if you are so inclined (clear wifi unit).

    PSN plus has been doing a rental/library type option where you pay for PSN+ access to gain a library of games for as long as you have PSN+ access which is a bold move but one rarely seen in games (music and film did OK with it when they tried it and given the shelf/"useful" life of modern games is frequently shorter than those it could work even better). This is set to be expanded with 12 games set to appear in the coming week.

    Vita streaming functionality is being extended to include youtube (known before E3), Crackle and Hulu plus and Sony are also doing a Music unlimited service along similar lines which seems like it is coming out on just about everything.

    Turns out we were wrong calling E3 2012 the year of the bow as it really seems some form of dual screens/tablet/phone hookup is the order of the day. Also there is some called “cross controller DLC” whatever that means (granted that is a better term than transfarring from last year).

    The games (all 6 of them)
    The presentation kicked off with a musical montage that ran for quite a while. Granted there were worse earlier on.

    Quantic Dream who were the creators of Heavy rain were trotted out to demo their new game Beyond - Two souls
    Set in a small American town the trailer starts with the player character sitting silently in a police station seemingly breaking a cup with telekinesis before a swat team descends upon the scene. After this it is action explosions montage time. The game seems to be set over the course of 15 odd years in the lifetime of the character which might prove interesting on the character development front.
    IRC quote of choice
    “ When your highlight is announcing your voice actor...”

    Playstation all stars battle royale
    Sweet tooth, Kratos, Sly cooper and Fat princess got thrown into a energy bar buildup KO scored brawler. Did not look anything special but it looked to be an earlier demo than might have been ideal.
    Bonus characters being the Guy from uncharted and big daddy from Bioshock
    It did seem to have the option of being controlled on a Vita.

    Call of Duty Black Ops declassified
    A standalone entry to the Black Ops franchise. Nothing much was said though.

    Assassin's creed liberation
    30th October this year and a bundle to go with it.
    Another standalone game for a popular series and this one featuring a different character for parts of it at least. Looked to be a slightly cut down version of the console version although how it will play out is up for debate (there were signs towards it working and it not)

    Assassin's creed 3
    There was also a ship simulation that looked to be more than a token minigame and that ended with a cutscene of boarding the boat.
    Unlocks apparently exist between the versions of the games and the consoles and all sorts of things like that.

    Far Cry 3
    Not much more was mentioned about the single player (previous presentations took care of that) but 4 player co-op is apparently on the cards and looked to be fairly well executed.

    London studio were wondering “what if a book could come to life” Wonderbook which is an augmented reality book using the PS Eye was what resulted. A few books have been announced with Diggs nightcrawler being one but the big one (and one that a good deal of the presentation was given over to) was “Book of spells” which is a Harry Potter themed book aimed at teaching kids magic as they might in the books/films and reading at the same time. Although it failed to enthuse on IRC for the most part it might be said it was augmented reality done right. Certainly one of the more complete/non token augmented reality offerings.
    Autumn 2012 is the release timeframe.

    A new God of war game going by God of war Ascension was shown.
    This one did show some gameplay and did so for a while but other than a continuation of the god of war engine there is not a lot that can be said. It appears there might be some time/restoration powers available at points though and it has not really been experimented with for a while in games like this so it could be good.
    12th March 2013 is the release date that has been pencilled in.

    That last of us
    Uncharted (the same developers made this) with somewhat more likeable characters seemed to be it (granted with a lesser emphasis on climbing in the demo at least). Although the graphics and gameplay that were not that much alike we were reminded a bit of the recent downloadable game “I am alive” as it too featured a character wandering through a ruined cityscape with a distinct lack of ammunition except here in the demo at least you have a partner that although a hazard to herself looked like she might be quite useful at points.[/p]

    With Microsoft not embarrassing themselves as much as they have done is it likely to be Sony that "loses" E3 or did they have something worth showing?[/p]
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    The two PSASBR characters revealed were Nathan Drake and the Big Daddy. They were leaked beforehand though.

    You mixed up Assassin's Creed III and Liberation. The boat thing was a scene from Asscreed 3. We only saw a few things on Liberation.

    Don't really see why people are calling this Uncharted, it's not just scaling walls and crap. It's mostly an environment driven game with some nice cinematic qualities. It's cinematic like Uncharted but not in an action game sense. More like a gritty drama sense.
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    >Assassin's creed liberation
    That's the one that was supposed to be for the 3DS, right? >_
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    Oh sony! Those tags -_-
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    That was Lost Legacy and it was, plot wise, absorbed into Revelations.
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    There is an absolute shitstorm going on in that video, but they did kinda bring it on themselves
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    How ironic.
    Lost Legacy was never released. Hah.
    The legacy will remain lost, I suppose.
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    I'm wondering if it was on purpose or if the person who uploaded the vid did it for fun and he is fired now.
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    I read in multiple places before E3 that this year's E3 would have the Last Guardian somewhere. I'm reading around now and it turns out that, no, the Last Guardian isn't anywhere at E3. Does anyone have any idea what happened to it? I was so looking forward to knowing more about the boy and the gryphon!
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    Thanks Guild... I thought I might have dodged the errors that come with a 4am writeup this time around but no. I also forgot to comment on the nice colour coded shirts the demo people were wearing in Playstation all stars battle royale.
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    It was more interesting than Microsoft's but still kinda low key. I'd have expected Sony themselves to have had more for Vita but so far they're still doing the "me too" titles like with PSP. :(

    If they're going for the "home console on the go" then it would be nice if they treated the games that way like with the PSP GoW tites & the last PSP Metal Gear. Get the main dev of a series rather than farm it off to one that isn't all that good.
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    Seems like a pretty safe conference for Sony. It wasn't all that great, but there's certainly been worse this conference.
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    Vita, under the bus.
    I guess Vita is a runner up perhaps ? ? ?

    I guess this is a matter of semantics, but is the Vita not a "MOBILE" device ? ? ? I guess maybe in jolly ol' england they more often refer to a cell phone as a "moe-bile phone" with that adorable cockney accent
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    The big issue here is that the conference feels incomplete. Like it feels like this was a software showcase and not a conference. I mean practically everything there was demos of games we already saw/knew were coming out.

    The only new thing was Wonderbook, which won't really sell to me or most other people, but actually looked really interesting. When I was on the shoutbox discussing the conference I heard a lot of "OMG THIS IS SO BAD" type of comments. I mean yeah, it's not for you, but if I was a younger kid or a parent who wanted to give my kids a cool bedtime story, this would be the shit. I mean an interactive pop up book? Holy crap. At least it's original and if it was anything else people would just bawwww about "SONY IS UNORIGINAL" or "COPYCATS!"

    Like they needed more software announcements. They keep talking about all these great "heroes" on the Playstation like Solid Snake, Cole McGrath, and Nathan Drake, but there's not another MGS shown off, not another inFamous shown off, not another Uncharted shown off (although Drake was announced for PASBR). Like where's my inFamous Vita? Whatever happened to Killzone Vita? Where's all this stuff?

    The demos they showed off were good though, I'll give them that. Beyond looked, um, "beyond" great, The Last of Us was fantastic looking (it's not Uncharted so stop calling it that), PASBR looked fun, and the Asscreed demo was great looking too. But we already saw PASBR and Asscreed in action, they could have at least showed off more characters than Drake and the Big Daddy and actually played with them.

    It wasn't an embarrassing conference, it just lacked new content. Like I feel like some sudden wave of info dumps is gonna come with "SONY ANNOUNCES THIS" and "SONY ANNOUNCES THAT". But I dunno. I still like my Vita and I like what's coming for it but it feels like there should be another venue for their announcements.
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    That was really disappointing Vita wise, they showed what, one new game, Liberation, which was already leaked before anyway. It's ridiculous, if Sony want to save the Vita then they need to buckle their ideas up, I was really expecting them to announce a good strong 10 games for the Vita, along with a price drop.
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    Easily the best conference so far. They at least didn't manage to screw everything up(coughMicrosoftcough), and clearly had a huge budget for this thing. Most of the games looked good(with the exception of Far Cry, which looked like another generic FPS). They would've been better off showing footage from an Uncharted game instead of how long they droned on about the Wonderbook, though. It's not for me, but it does look well done. Just spent too long discussing it.

    And lulzy at the tags on the PSASBR tags. Wonder if a shitstorm happened.
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    Didn`t really like this conference as well but The Last of Us wowed me. That game looks amazing. I`m one of those who absolutely love the movie "The Road" with Viggo Mortensen and if this can go in a similar direction this will be an amazing experience! Uncharted 2 was amazing so who cares if this looks similar in movement and appearance... I don`t, though I think it could look a little greedier/dirty.

    The Quantic Dream games may not be for everyone but I enjoyed Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit (
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    maybe they should have given more free stuff in this conference too.
    i dont think the vita was left out as big names were mentioned except a price drop.
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    Uhm, wha?
    It is a rental thing already... as long as you pay your plus membership fee each year, the "free games" are playable. If you don't renew the plus membership, the games are then not valid (expired).
    How did they announce that they're going rental/library option, cause i missed that... :blink: