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  1. Tempest Stormwin

    OP Tempest Stormwin Kweisatz Haderach
    Former Staff

    Oct 29, 2002
    Thanks to foresight by KotaInka2 and Luse, there is a backup board up to be used in times like this when GBAtemp is running slow or outright down.

    This board originally started on ezBoard, but yesterday it migrated to Invision. Feel free to use this board to interact with forumgoers while the main board issues are resolved.

    [EDIT == The link now leads to the portal. Please note this for your records.]

    It is the hopes of the founders of this tempGBAtemp that this backup forum will ease the strain on the server while our administrators deal with the problem. The first board was effective during the last lagtime, and it is hoped that this will shorten the new one to a minimum.

    Thank you.

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Thread Status:
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