GBAtemp Recommends! ChuChu Rocket!

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    [​IMG] GBAtemp Recommends! ChuChu Rocket!
    G.R. Issue #25 (GBA)

    Welcome back to GBAtemp Recommends! Our popular weekly magazine feature in which we recommend classic Game Boy Advance titles big and small! Wait... What? THE HECK!? An update on a Wednesday? Is that the four horsemen I can see in the distance?

    GBAtemp Recommends!

    ChuChu Rocket!
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    One of the best (and FREE!) puzzle games on the Dreamcast made its way to the Game Boy Advance on launch. ChuChu Rocket! is a modern day game of cat and mouse.

    Thanks to Nick Park, we all know the moon is made of cheese. What we now also know, thanks to this game, is that mice (with a little direction) are technologically literate enough to fly a spaceship. This equals CHAOS! Fun chaos.

    ChuChu Rocket is a brilliant puzzle game. There are mice on a tile based board that will walk in one direction until they hit a wall, which makes them turn right. Their goal is to get to their space ship which will blast them to the moon. Of course, the path is never clear for our furry little friends, and it's up to you to guide them by placing directional arrows on the board (of which you normally have a limited number). When they walk over one of these arrows it will force them to change direction. And just to make life even harder for Jerry, who all he wants is a good chunk of cheese, there are cats who will randomly run around the board and if they come in contact with a mouse, will eat him whole. Bad puddy-tat'!

    There are 100 puzzle levels in the game, and a further whopping 2500 extra levels to conquer. These range from brilliantly clever to mind numbingly frustrating. And if you guide special mice that periodically appear into their ship, you'll enter special modes that are even more devious. There's even a great multi-player mode to battle it out with friends, which can be a lot of fun as you can be as cruel as you like! A level editor will keep you amused also.

    As a launch title for the GBA, the game doesn't really impress in the audio or graphics department. But there's a solid amount of depth to the game with different modes and options. So, if you haven't tried this game yet, either on the Dreamcast or GBA, and you like a decent puzzle game, then this is one we'd definitely recommend.

    SEGA really need to re-release or create a sequel to this great puzzler on the DS and/or Wii. Both platforms have ideal input methods. Make it so, SEGA!

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    Nice, I'll actually try it out.

    I remember seeing the Dreamcast version, but never got around to play it.

    I hope the GBA port is good enough [​IMG]
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    My sister stole this one off me and I haven't seen it since [​IMG] It is rather good.
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    Oh my, this is, without a doubt, my favourite GBA game *EVER*, even if you dont consider yourself to usually like puzzle games, still check it out, absolutely amazing game :]
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    I actually bought this for my launch gba and was fortunate enough to find another player. It was so much fun. SEGA what is your problem?! This game is perfect for the DS.
    You LAZY LOUTS! RERELEASE THIS GAME. ........(like they are reading. lol)

    Great GAME!
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    Awesome game, i get such a feeling of satisfaction when the mice get eaten! [​IMG]
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    An excellent port, needs a bloody sequel already!
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    Hmm, I think I once had this game on my Mobile Phone..

    So I might try this one.