GBAtemp Digest #1

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    GBAtemp Digest #1
    The digest of all that has happened in Temp recently, hope you give it a skim.

    Crown3DS - The 1st 3DS Flashcart
    What has surfaced as the first 3DS Flashcart is still being taken with a bit of skepticism, but the device has proven to have some legitimacy as the team has already provided GBAtemp with some information. As of this moment, not much is known about the device, other than the fact that it can so far play only one 3DS game and is built in a cartridge like form. The team is working on dumping other games in addition to the one and expanding the compatibility of the device. They have been cautious about their device because of possible plagiarism. More news on developments will come to GBAtemp soon.

    [​IMG] Official Website[/p]
    Minecraft DS - DSCraft
    The popular independent game Minecraft has gone to the DS! User smealum has adapted the game into a DS homebrew, with 3d graphics and surprisingly smooth gameplay. Minecraft is a game which entails you to use blocks to build objects on a sandbox-type world. While this is only the classic mode of Minecraft, the developer plans to adapt the survival mode of Minecraft found in the PC version. The game is feature-packed and allows for a high level of customization, including the ability to generate worlds and create map packs and textures, much like the original game.

    [​IMG] Wiki Page[/p]
    Ambassador Program NES Games are Available
    If you didn't yet know, the ambassador program has given away 10 NES games as of the moment, and more games of other retro consoles are soon to come. The games given were Super Mario Bros, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Wrecking Crew, NES Open Tournament Golf, Donkey Kong Jr., Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, Zelda II - The Adventure of Link and Yoshi. To get them, log into your eShop account. Click on Menu, then Settings / Other, followed by Your Downloads. The NES titles, if available, will appear there as software you can "redownload".

    [​IMG] Ambassador Program on Nintendo Website[/p]
    PSVita Developments
    Not to leave the rival to the 3DS out of the picture, the PSV has been having a lot of developments in the recent weeks. First, the PSV is region free, which is great news for those looking to import the handheld immediately, as they can enjoy their local games once they come overseas. Next, the battery has been revealed to last 3-5 hours in gameplay mode. Finally, in terms of games, Final Fantasy X has been announced to come for the handheld, along with various other games. The games list and other news can be found on the link above.[/p]
    User Submitted/Minor News
    3DS Extra Slide Pad - A slide pad peripheral has been confirmed for the 3DS, adding additional shoulder buttons and a right analog slide-pad that the 3DS has been lacking.
    Portal Now Free on Steam - Valve's puzzle game Portal is now offered for free on Steam.
    Neku is a character on KH3D - Squeenix fans screamed wildly when the character Neku from The World Ends With You was announced as a character on the very popular Square Enix franchise Kingdom Hearts, who, up until this point has only had Square Enix characters from the Final Fantasy series.
    Windows 8 Preview - The preview for Microsoft's next OS has been released as a free preview open for anyone to see, available for download on their website.
    Pink 3DS is the Next Color - In order to make the 3DS appeal more to girls, the 3DS is soon to be offered in pink. This is in hopes that the market developed by the DS, which had more girl users than boys, will somewhat carry over into their next handheld.[/p]


    TempCast Revival
    The TempCast, GBAtemp's official podcast is being revived, with a new set of staffers led by Terminator02, iFish and MR_COW. The project is divided into 3, The Weekly Temp which is a weekly discussion of the news, the TempTalk which is a roundtable discussion of a singular topic, and the Tempcast Live! which is a live show where the hosts can interact with the listeners. So far, 3 shows of The Weekly Temp have been released (#1, #2, #3), while 2 of the TempTalk have been released (#1. #2).[/p]
    Game of the Week
    The game of the week, also known as GBAtemp's game club, is a weekly thread done by FAST6191. The threads feature one game every week, a game that is relatively obscure and that deserves a mention or a play. The series is currently on it's 19th week, with the game this week being Retro Game Challenge. It is recommended that you read over the previous threads also.

    [​IMG] Game of the Week #19[/p]
    User Reviews
    [​IMG] OnLive Review by Guild
    [​IMG] GBA Clone Review by dekuleon
    [​IMG] Fallout: New Vegas Review by Urza
    [​IMG] Samsung Galaxy S II Review by chris888222
    [​IMG] Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review by SubliminalSegue
    [​IMG] Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Review by Sterling[/p]

    That's about it. Hope you enjoyed reading through this thread!
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    Good job.

    Although I would suggest that you leave opinions out of it and just sum up the news.
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    Portal isn't free forever.

    GBAtemp/Weekly Wave was and is better.
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    I like how the week's news is all summed up and displayed in a neat and organized manner.

    I look forward to GBAtemp Digest #2 [​IMG]
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    Good work KB

    but just news seems bit boring
    add something fun which is happening in the forum too...
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    Some good formatting like Opium's wouldn't be bad.
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    Nice job, well done keeping it so organized!
    I like the user reviews part, I always forget to check out the user reviews.
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    This is a good idea for people who missed some news.
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    Try this. Fixed some of the formatting issues I had with it.
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    This is a good way sum up everything thats been going on.
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    Nice job, though it does feel like a newsletter to me.
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    In the community section you should have talked about the exodus yesterday