GBA SP ags 001 Red light problem.

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    Aug 30, 2016
    Hi! So, I recently bought a gba sp, it's a ags 001, used. After a few days I noticed that the red light turned on even after it was fully charged. I changed the baterry (bought one that isn't bulged and has a bigger capacity) mine had a bulge or how you call it in english, anyhow, I thought that would fix to problem, well I was wrong and now the red light is permanently on when the device is on as well. What do you think might me the problem and the solution, I leaned a bit into this and my beste bet is it's the power switch.
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    Feb 24, 2011
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    Are you using an everdrive? For some reason when using the GBA Everdrive, the power indicator turns red for no reason at all. Not really sure why that happens, but when switching back to legit games the issue is fixed.

    I have had this happen to both SP 001 and SP 101 models.

    If you aren't using an everdrive then yeah, is could be an issue with the power switch, or even a loose wire/poorly soldered bit of the led/etc.