GBA Pokemon migration into Diamond/Pearl Solution

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    I know I saw a post on here a while ago asking how to catch the GBA specific Pokemon on Diamond/Pearl without having to buy all the old games, but I couldn't find the topic, so I created this. The new Saukra 1.12 firmware has the "GBA load" option if you press "X" on a NDS rom. If you have the M3 GBA expansion memory you can load a clean Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald,FireRed, LeafGreen rom and Diamond/Pearl will detect that that game is inserted. I've tested both migration and the pokemon availability with a Ruby rom loaded and it worked perfectly. Hope this helps anyone like me wanting to be able to catch all the pokemon as legitimately as you can playing roms on a flashcart.
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    Trading between 2 "roms" is easy,to trade to legit carts you have you use a save backup/restore software, I suggest using NDS Backup Tool if you need to do such a thing......