GBA cias with rxtools 83afbb6

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    Thanks to some people in the forum, I now have custom firmware properly working on my O3DSXL with the 9.2 downgrade as my sysNAND and 10.4 on my emuNAND. I've got fbi properly working, which wasn't before, and my health and safety app has magically reappeared for my emuNAND.

    I've hit where I was before. I wanted to install GBA conversions onto this but as I understand it you require a patch on the sysnand and (as I am unlinked), the games to be installed on the SD and NAND? I really don't want to mess this up like I did last time! Can it all be done through fbi on the emuNAND if I change the directory to NAND as I install?

    With cakes, I got black screens, will this work with rxtools?
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    installing to NAND on EmuNAND installs to the Emulated NAND, not System NAND. Install patched AGB_Firm on both SysNAND And EmuNAND with FBI set to NAND. You will need to remove the existing AGB_Firm And install the patched one. Games need to be installed to both SysNAND and EmuNAND with FBI set to SD.
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    You need to install the patched agb_firm to both nands then install the game cia to sd on both nands. As in set the destination to nand in fbi for the agb_firm then set it to sd for the game.

    Do not install the game itself to nand!

    No idea if gba vc is working on that build but if it is then that is how you would go about setting it up afaik.
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