Gateway SD card write protection enabled + .CIA

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    Jun 3, 2013
    Hi folks.

    I have:

    - Original 3DS in firmware 4.3;
    - Gateway card updated to last version (I dont use any of the new Firmware hacks\fastboot, neither I care for them);
    - Original SD card that came with the console which is only 2GB;
    - Emunand updated to last version (GW3D 11.2.0-35E);
    - 32GB Micro SD card inside Gateway card.


    1- I want to know if theres a way to run .CIA games from the Micro SD card inside the red Gateway card.

    2- Is there any file explorer that would let me move files from my Micro SD to the big SD card of the console, like for updating Gateway when I need.


    I didnt use the console for like a year and wanted to update Gateway to last version, but SD card was write protected, ended up to having to format it in my father's laptop which couldnt even read the files and I was able to format it there (it's the only PC that could format it, probably because it didnt support the SD format).

    I had make a backup of my savegames before formatting. But after formatting EMUNAND with gateway and doing a Fresh Install with latest gateway version, it made the SD card to lock up again...

    BUT, the card is not write protected and the lock switch is working on the 3DS (lock position 3DS reports that is locked and unlocked 3DS can save data in the SD).

    1- I wanted to put my saves back inside my SD card, but I already tried 1 USB card reader\writer, 2 laptops and even a god damn cash register windows based with card reader and on all of them the SD card reports as being write locked and I can only access data, but not write anything in it...

    2- I never liked .CIA games, but nowadays I wanted to try a game and can only find a .CIA version to download, but I didnt want to use SD card space which is only 2 GB and anyway I can't write anything in it, is there away to run them trough the Micro SD card inside the Gateway RED CARD?

    And I dont want to buy a SD card either, BECAUSE, since I dont even like 98% of all 3DS games, neither I play much in the console, instead of wasting money in another SD card, I would rather buy a PS4 game in promotion...

    Thank You
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  2. guily6669

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    Jun 3, 2013
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    1. no.

    2. im not too sure.

    BUT why dont you just do A9LH check this guide >

    seriously i was on the gateway bandwagon for a while but A9LH is the present & future.

    you can still use your gateway after you done your A9LH..
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    Firstly buy a new SD card (the one you have sounds pretty dodgy) and secondly follow You are living in the past. If you stick with Gateway [in the classic sense as opposed to using it with a9lh] you're not likely to be able to get any support on this forum (nobody does this) and will have to work everything out on your own.
  5. guily6669

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    Jun 3, 2013
    Thanks. I ended up buying a new SD, but the original is still in full working condition...

    I ended up installing FBI then some FTP apps, then I FTP the free store and everything is working with gateway on latest emunand.

    I Won't probably even bother installing a9lh since I barely use the console and doesn't make me that annoyed pressing settings - profile to load into gateway emunand...

    I mean, my Xperia Z2 or Nvidia shield android devices take up more time to turn ON than my 3DS to turn on and put into gateway emunand...

    I have every game I want running, so what advantage would A9LH give me other than fast boot?

    Ps: If a new version of Windows would come out or a new faster boot, I would format it right away, but I care a lot for my PC, now the 3DS I have it cracked for years and never played much games and never finished 1...
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    A9lh has brick protection with payloads, boots faster, easier to install games and homebrew apps, safer from updates, allows you to save yourself from messing up NAND as long as you have NAND backups, you can restore backups from a menu before the system is fully started.

    Plus, it's free!