Gateway mSD Format Type Questions

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    I have a 64GB mSDXC card. I have a few questions about how to proceed with formatting:

    1. Should I choose either FAT32 or exFAT? Is one better over the other?
    Windows 10 Format Utility will only let me format with exFAT. If FAT32 is better choice, how do I format to that?
    2. For the format you guys suggest, what should I select for Allocation Unit Size?

    I am running Windows 10. Thoughts/help GREATLY appreciated :)
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    Mar 12, 2015
    GW can use exFat, for rom size over 4gb. Fat32 is under 4gb. Or you can trim your roms for a smaller size. Default format size is fine.
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    Higher allocation unit size/cluster size may increase speed a little bit but it won't be a big difference. You can format to FAT32 using any other application, like the official SD Formatter. If you trim your ROMs then every ROM will fit on FAT32 without problems, I use it and haven't had to use GW's ROM splitter tool a single time. I guess there is not much advantage to sticking with FAT32. FAT32 is just more widely supported, so I can for example put the MicroSD in my phone and download games with it if there's no PC available. Though I haven't had to do that in ages :P
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    Actually, exfat is subject to patents by Microsoft (more than fat32 is). That's why device manufacturers are reluctant to use it.

    (Gateway, of course, being pirates don't care since they aren't going to be paying Microsoft anyway.)