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Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Surkow, Oct 2, 2013.

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    The screen looks like it might suffer from the same problem Sigma Star Saga did, too zoomed in. I like the pixel art and details, but the hud takes up like 20% of the screen lol. Is your name really necessary to display all the time?

    Also i want to warn anyone who MIGHT give to indigogo. While i dont really advise "throwing" money at kickstarter, Indygogo is much less regulated and sketchy. Protest The Hero (a band) recently started a new project on IG for a new album. The goal and whole sthick was to get out from under a record label and do an indy album to show that big bands could do without record contracts. Long after the funding process was finished, news emerged that PTH had signed with a new label and starting over on the projected album... No word whether the participants were refunded or anything.

    Other reports show blatant copy and pasting of already posted projects, numerous scams, and startups the took money and never returned them.
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    Social game and Indiegogo, if the fact that this is a social game wasn't enough to make me pass, it had to be on Indiegogo of all places. I don't trust this unlike Kickstarter, sure there are a few bad KS projects but there's more regulations in place now and there are more major and respected indie developers on board.