Gameshark SP link cable?

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    So recently while I was moving, I came across my old Gameshark SP along with the disk and a very curious usb cable. It connects to the GBA's link port unlike the older Gamesharks where it plugged directly into the device. Would it be possible to get more use out of that cable than just managing codes, like multiplayer with an emulator for example? I searched the forums but didn't find anything specifically about this cable.
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    If it connects to the GBA's link port it is likely some variation on the theme of multiboot cable. With a more conventional multiboot cable you can do a lot, however unlike the likes of the original xbox save injection and other such things nobody I am aware of really put much effort into pulling apart the gameshark/action replay/whatever cables as everybody had flash carts.
    Playing with an emulator I am not aware of so much, there was a build of VBA many years ago called VBAlinkreal that did allow some flavour of custom cable to act as a multiplayer device. It was not a standard multiboot cable as we typically saw though and the specs were lost as far as I am aware. For the most part people uploaded test homebrew, small emulator compilations, used their GBA as a PC game controller and program any flash carts that wanted to be programmed that way.

    I don't know what it would take to modify said cable and if for the effort I would not have better spent it making or or
    The best situation for you, other than a program to directly inject what you like, would be the GBA multiboot program is a small file somewhere that you can edit and replace with your own. If you can get a few versions of the software it might be that the program for that was changed and you can figure it out from there. Generally though cheat device makers have not had the best history of allowing people to do this so I am not placing any real money on it being trivial.