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    Hi, everyone!
    Do you know the games like FTL (Faster Than Light)? It's adventure and spaceship manegment, not a hardcore simulator.
    Especialy, I'm interesting in Nintendo DS games, but not only.
    I think I've seen something similar, but can't remember.
    Please help.

    Best regards
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    Is FTL even out now?
  3. ArtLab

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    Oct 30, 2012
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    Yeap, you can buy it by steam, GOG or in official site (
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    Most people equate FTL with the games otherwise known as roguelikes, that said FTL demands something of a fast pace where most roguelikes are better played methodically.
    Still the DS has several roguelikes, my favourite on the DS is and on the commercial front there is Izuna among others.

    As for spaceship management games, sadly those are few and far between these days and although the DS has been a refuge of older gameplay styles it has not been that well represented either. However there is at least infinite space, where FTL games are lucky to last more than an hour this is very much a timesink though. You might also like a GBA game called CIMA: the enemy ( ).

    Being a fairly old gameplay style though means stuff like happens.

    If you can expand a bit on the sort of thing you are after that might help- many games have elements that made FTL great and those games are great in their own right as well.
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    What about something like Infinite Space? Does that count?
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