Games and apps missing after upgrading microSD card

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    I have a New 3DS XL. I am on 11.5.0-38U. I have boot9strap and godmode9 both successfully installed.

    It came with a 32 GB micro SD. I was running out of room, so I decided to upgrade cards.
    I moved all of the data to a 64GB card, but, even though formatted to FAT32, the 3DS wouldn't read it.
    So I copied everything to hard drive. I tried to format to FAT32 again. Couldn't. Said the drive was in use.
    So I formatted to NTFS. Then I formatted to FAT32 successfully and the 3DS could read it. I copied everything back to the 64GB card.

    Now when I boot up, all games except 3 DSiware games are missing.
    The Homebrew Channel and other homebrew are gone, except TWL Slot-1 Launcher.
    FBI/Safety Warning also doesn't work.

    What went wrong? Is there a way to get everything working again without starting from scratch?
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    1. Reformat the 64 GB card to FAT32 + 32 KB using guiformat.
    2. With nothing on the card, check using H2testw in a Full Write + Verify test.
    3. Report back what your result states. Take a screenshot if you're not sure how to interpret what it means.
    Edit - Do the test anyway. The DSiWare games are installed on your SysNAND (internally on the 3DS) or EmuNAND (which is emulated) on the SD card if one was setup.
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    Nov 13, 2016
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    Thanks for the attempt. Didn't help, though. Tried two cards. Same problem. Nothing wrong with the cards.
    I did get things working again, though.
    On one of them I copied everything but the Nintendo 3DS folder. I inserted it and let the system create a home management folder. I copied everything but the management folder back on. Then I copied the files from the old management folder into the new one and everything came back, although outside of the created folders.
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    Sounds like you had corrupted home menu data