Gamepad manger - Dolphin issues - Slot 3

Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by Hatchetball, Dec 14, 2015.

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  1. Hatchetball

    Hatchetball Modder/PCTECH

    Sep 26, 2010
    United States
    Hey everyone I am looking for some advice and a program.
    I use several different types of USB gamepads:
    USB PSX/PS1/PS2 style (Cheap chinese ebay purchase)
    USB PS2/PS3 style (Steel Series)
    USB Xbox 360 (official)
    USB Xbox 360 (gamestop version)
    USB Wireless Xbox 360 dongle (Cheap ebay purchase)
    Wireless Xbox 360 (official) controllers

    I run the following emulators and mainly need advice for:
    Dolphin for Gamecube - I do not care to emulate Wii
    Project 64

    OK so yes these have individual settings for controller management. However they are not appropriately recognizing any plug and play situations for party night with friends. (Everyone has different preferences on what controller they choose for certain games.) I often find that I have to remap certain controllers when we plug them in one at a time. I also have a problem with Dolphin and the third player's controller - no matter what order or how it is plugged in, the controls are not what the settings are set to on the third player's controller. Basically player 3 is useless. Players 1, 2, and 4 are all working appropriately to the settings input. I cannot get any results that allow it to work with the internal settings. This happens on any Gamecube game we are playing 4 player with. (Namely Mario Party 7 and 007 Nightfire)

    Things I've ruled out:
    The controller(s) plugged into slot 3 have/has no issues and is/are not the problem.
    Computer specs are in no way the issue.
    It is not a problem with the USB port.
    It is not a problem with when the gamepad is plugged in or what order.

    1. Anyone have any idea how to fix slot 3?

    2. Is there any sort of 3rd party program I can use to manage all these controllers with the correct settings for each program/emu/game? (4 to 12+ controllers at a time)

    3. I am considering buying 4 USB Gamecube controllers and the only thing stopping me is the slot 3 issue, if you have a USB Gamecube controller could you please let me know if it feels like you are truly playing on a Gamecube system, any issues?

    That would be all! Thank you for your time and patience, I know it was lengthy.