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    I'm looking for program that could compress or scrub gamecube .iso and .gcm files. Wiiscrubber seems to only work on Wii isos [​IMG]

    I've looked but I haven't had any luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx.
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    what about a tool that will just get rid of the unused data and free space?? cause i am wanting to play a buch of games on nintendont but i only have a 16gb sd card... and i have a bunch of gc games i want to put on there but it has to be uncompressed but i want to get rid of free space mostly..
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    Don't cross-post in multiple threads. It makes it harder for people to help you.

    If you absolutely HAVE to shrink your Gamecube discs I think the two that are known to not screw them up usually are DMToolbox and DiscEx. I would recommend you not do it at all, personally. For most games the space savings are negligible and you don't have to worry about issues with audio streaming, etc. If you have a game that is not working the first thing you will be asked is if your disc is compressed/shrunk and if it is a 1:1 ISO that matches's hash database.