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Discussion in 'Nintendo GameCube' started by fairlyevenparents, Apr 5, 2010.

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    OK, so i traded in 3 Naruto mangas for his gamecube with 4 controllers and some plugs because i wanted to Hard mod the gamecube.
    There's a catch though I've never hard modded anything, the solution being i can ask my older bro to do it since he's a handy man.
    Also I've heard that the gamecube sometimes has problems reading mini DVD-Rs, so i wanted to know if i could replace the top case with a new top case to read regular DVD-Rs and if there's a trusty site i can order from to get the new top case.
    I want to get a XenoGC for the modchip.
    Is there anything else i need to know, guilds on how to install the XenoGC, or extra tools i might need?

    If this doesn't go to well i already have my other gamecube from when i was like in 3rd grade
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    I'm actually waiting for a xenogc to come in for my cube [​IMG]

    First, about the media. You can use mini-dvds but they have to be pretty good quality. I bought a 20 pack of Ritek G04 discs for ~$10 including shipping. You'll probably need to adjust your laser pot (in other words make the laser stronger) but thats super easy and is right on the board where you attach the XenoGC.

    A good burner makes all the difference. I have an old Pioneer DVR-108, which is one of the better drives for burning.

    If you have decent soldering skills its pretty easy to install the xeno, but dont solder it right onto the board. Instead rip apart an old Cat5 cable or something tiny like that and solder the wires onto your cube then the xeno onto the wires. It makes it much easier.

    You can get a case for full-size dvds, but you are probably going to pay upwards of $25 for it. You can take a hacksaw to your case and make room for full size dvds, but it wont be pretty [​IMG]
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    Can i ask how much you payed for the XenoGC?? i was looking at pulling this off.

    And where from?
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