GameCube and Wii Loaded off one HDD Solution

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    There many people who want to do this and there are really no tutorials so I decided to make one.
    This Tutorial could also help if you do not want to make the flash drive formatted to wbfs and only be able to add wii isos to it

    What you will need:
    A Wii (Homebrew)
    Computer (with at least a gigabyte more that the isos you have)
    SD card (at least 1 gb)
    Flash Drive (Has enough space for your iso)
    Controllers (GC and Wii)

    I'm not going to give you the link but this is the things you need
    Dios Mios
    Any Wad installer
    Wii Backup Manager

    The Wii iso must be a wbfs file.
    Also the HDD must be fat

    1: (Install) Open Wii Backup Manager
    2: Click on Drive (anyone)
    3: Click on Inactive and change it to your Flash Drive (F,G)
    4: It should say there is no wbfs folder and asks if you want to create one
    5: Click yes
    6: Now click on files
    7: (Only for Wii wbfs game) Add the your wiigame.
    8: In the your flash drive, make a 'games' folder
    8: In the Dios Mios rar or zip, there should be a DMToolBox. Open It
    9: Now put in the directory for you GC iso
    10: Change the output directory to the 'games' folder in your flash drive.
    11: Now just install it
    12: Now put the dios mios wad into your sd card.
    13: Also put the wii flow channel in the apps folder of your sd card.
    14: Now you are ready for the wii part
    1: With your flash drive and sd card in the wii, open homebrew
    2: Open your wad installer and install the dios mios wad. See a Wad install tut for help
    3: Open WiiFlow
    4: Go to settings and change partition to usb 1
    5: Go back and you will see your wii game(s)
    6: Open the GameCube icon on the bottom left
    7: Your GC game(s) should be there

    If there are any problems, please tell me.
    If there are any errors in the tutorial them message me as soon as possible

    It it not my fault if this tut breaks you wii. Do this with your own risk.
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