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Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by Justice6673, Jun 9, 2014.

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    Hi is there any here that knows if you can rip pc games with software each as one level and download it to the game you are playing i want to load the one i have there and make my own popular game play like get the ones i want to load are they playable or i cant read as game is not whole the entire game, would that be possible do i need to have a chip or would i have to hack it dont know what else that would be made that could do this. if anyone could help thank you in advance any info you can post or tutorial. any detail questions that you see that also you have that is to be wrote please let me know i can have also it would have been done as on site. thank you.
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    You want to rip a PC game to a console?

    Yes you do need a chip on a 360 and a downgrade + upgrade to CFW on a PS3 and a softmodded Wii to do it.
    But you can't rip PC games to a console.
    Nor can you import levels to a console without major modification and porting.

    Next time, use a little more punctuation.
    Also, use of the enter key is also appreciated.
    It makes reading your posts a lot more easier.
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    And they say I have a thing for long sentences.

    Anyway yes you can do it, it will be unique to each game (give or take the odd game using the same engine) and it is not going to be easy in most cases. Equally I do have to ask what is a level? For instance if I am ripping a megadrive Sonic title then do I have to include every bonus level and bonus level type? After all theoretically any could be accessed from any "main" level, maybe less if you include levels where you technically should not have had enough chaos emeralds to get to a given level but hey. Going further what is a level in Skyrim, a level in GTA and a level in a modern flight simulator?

    You have two options
    1) ROM/iso ripping. Here if you delete level files from the game then it should work fine for those levels. This has been done a few times, however it was probably the first Sonic on the DS that had the last notable one here unless I missed something on the Wii (quite possible). Everything else tends not to have this as people tend to want 1:1 copies of games to be released.

    2) Conventional ROM hacking. This can be straight up ROM hacking in the conventional sense, if a game has a level editor or something though you could probably do something with that. If you say put a warp outside each town in pokemon that sent you back to the pokecenter or something then you could restrict it to one "level".

    Likewise what do you intend to do with this? If you want it for some gameplay reasons (you want to limit yourself, make your own demo, make a challenge run....) then fine, however level data has not been the bulk of game data for many years, if ever really, and you are not going to save much space by doing this.
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    I'd answer your question, but I suffocated trying to read that abomination you call a first sentence. (yes, I breathe at the appropriate times even while reading).
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