Game Freezing While Video Streaming with NTR CFW?

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    Hello. So I'm currently using the NTR CFW for video streaming to my computer. The streaming works great but last night I noticed something really out of the ordinary. I use Skype screen share to share my 3DS screen while talking to friends. I was streaming Tomodachi Life yesterday for awhile and at one point the music just randomly stopped complete and everything besides the NTR menu froze, game included. I wasn't even able to go to the home menu. My save file for this game has been put through a Tomodachi Life Save Editor. I also noticed when it freezes while I'm streaming, it mostly happens after doing an extended amount of Qwirky Questions rounds. I'm concerned this may be a problem with me being able to stream in general or at the very least that part of TL. Does anyone know what may be wrong here?