FTP for DS?

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    I have a launch day DS Lite, and a near-launch original R4 card. One of these, or a combination of both, makes it quite a temperamental thing. At the end of the day, it will all work, but the spring has broken (and been fixed) on the R4, the connectors are going on either the card and the DS, and whenever you remove the SD card or the R4 card, it can be a bit of a mess about putting it in, taking it out, putting it back, blowing etc., to get it to register.

    Is there a homebrew app for the DS that allows you to FTP across files over wireless? The less I have to remove the card(s), the better.
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    FileNinja ?
    Don't know how DSFTP works, but FileNinja is an FTP client, so you'd have to have the server running on your computer (such as with FileZilla). Unfortunately it's slow too and freezes when in a directory with 400+ items.

    There's also Lilou Box, but I've never really looked into it.
    DSLinux gets better speeds supposedly, but it's a bit more complicated to set up for filesharing.
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    I always got card corruption with DSFTP, even after they switched to the newer and more stable FAT library. Only used Lilou Combox a couple of times but it worked well for what it did.
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    Although he doesn't say you can't redistribute modified copies and in fact in the documentation seems to promote using his libDSFTP library in other projects, to err on the side of caution I'm releasing this in patch form. Unless he says otherwise, please don't redistribute modified or unmodified DSFTP binaries.

    Patches to have DSFTP-2.6 binary linked against devkitpro_r32 in IPS&XDELTA format
    Only for use against DSFTP-2.6 binary


    If you want to compile it yourself besides devkitpro_r32 you need DSGUI-4.0 from his website extract it to "dsgui" and apply this patch I made to the sourcecode as he states that he doesn't want DSGUI-0.4 sourcecode redistributed modified or unmodified. Binaries in your code are fine to distribute though, so don't be discouraged from utilizing his gui framework. Extract DSFTP-2.6 into "dsftp" in same root folder dsgui is located. Apply patches, go into dsgui/DSGUI-0.4 and make, go into dsftp/DSFTP-2.6/DSFTP and make.

    DSFTP-2.6 sourecode patch and DSGUI-4.0 sourcecode patch