Front Load Bar On DVD Drive Not Working

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    Oct 7, 2006
    Ok first off all to cut a long story short, my little lad damaged the Wii so that no disc where going in, after opening the Wii up and messing about in side I managed to sort the loading out, but it would not eject unless you pushed the long bar what bring the disc in (Sorry don't know what its called).

    Anyway after trying to soft the eject issue out some of the cogs fell out and also this small part which I have read that it goes on the opposite side to the cogs and its suppose to be for the cable what goes over the top of the drive, the sensor I think. Anyone have any ideas where it goes?

    A Picture of the part is at this site

    Main problem is that I put the cogs back and if turn the small wheel you can see them moving back and forth, but the long load bar which is at the front of the drive is not turning, you insert a disc and you can here the motor turning the cogs but the disc is not been dragged in. So what I am after is anyone who can show me how the cogs go to make the bar turn. Also how many cogs is there, I have four and by looking at my drive it might be another one for the bar so it can turn.

    Has anyone got any pics showing the cogs or know what might be the problem.