Fresh new3dsxl - need help on flashcards/firmware

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    Mar 8, 2015
    I got my New 3DS XL today, and it came out of the box on ver. 9.5.0-22U. Do I upgrade? Do I stay at this FW? I did some research, and I learned that I cannot use the gateway card for my FW... so I guess that means I need to use a Sky3DS card? Where do people usually order these from? Also I have a game (Bravery Default) which my friends bought with the 3ds for my bday present. Would I be able to get the so-called private header from this game, if I get a sky3ds and choose to play games online? Any reference to guides/simple instructions here would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! PS: I want the capability to play DS games on a flashcart, as well as GBA (if possible at all). Is there anything out there like this other than gateway? Such as a DS flashcart, also will I need CFW for it to work?