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If you have a Wii and haven't connected to the internet yet, or have only connected in the past 30 days, it is possible to get 500 free Wii points.

First, load up the shopping channel. If you are on 4.1 or below, use WiiSCU.
Now click "Connections Ambassador" in the bottom corner.
Next click the right hand button.
Now enter the Wii code "6385-4017-1232-8618"
Now you should send me a PM or email containing your Wii code and I will accept the request, giving us both 500 free Wii points.

How to find your Wii Code:
Open the Wii message board (bottom right button on System Menu).
Click "Create message".
Click "Address Book".
Your Wii code should be there.

Voila! We should both have 500 Wii points.


Mar 27, 2009
United States
Call me a skeptical, but can you give a little more in site into how you are able to do this? Like why it only works with Wii's that haven't been online before. What classifies being online? Connecting to the internet? Downloading an update? Going to the Shop Channel?

I'm not saying it's not true, just wondering is all.
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