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    Ok first of all, this isn't a recording problem, this is a playback problem. I run Modern Warfare 2 at around 150+fps and when i record with fraps it goes down to about 90 and it isn't bad. What's messed up is that when i play back the movie, it looks like i had litterally 1 fps wile playing.
    Im not saying that it was choppy and ran rough, i mean that it literally looked like 1 screen shot, a second later an other screenshot. I have recorded about 5 different things and they are all teh same.

    Can someone help me please?
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    You're not supposed to play back the recordings directly, they're way too bitrate-intensive. You need to run them through a converter before they'll be properly viewable.
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    If you recorded at full-size, playing the recording back directly takes quite a bit of specs to be able to run back smoothly, especially if it's 1080p.

    If you want to convert / compress which will definitely reduce the file size and make it watchable, try out the free super converter "SUPER" ->

    Good luck!
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